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All our long-term commitments are incorporated into our policies and procedures
We adhere to numerous policies and procedures to help our business run smoothly, safer and further benefit our clients.
We promote equal opportunities and believe that in a diverse society, attitude and ability are what actually count. We put our staff first; they are our most important asset. Every great business is built on friendship.
Equal Opportunities
As an equal opportunities employer it is our policy to ensure that all people are accorded equal opportunity for recruitment, training and promotion and equal terms and conditions of employment, in all jobs regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, race, religion, creed, colour, ethnic or national origins.
Decisions on recruitment and training will be made on the basis of ability, the requirements of the job and other relevant objective criteria. All employees will be given equal opportunity for demonstrating their ability and progressing within the company.
We are committed to our Equal Opportunities Policy, the achievement of its aims and allocate resources appropriately in order to achieve them.
Workplace Health & Safety 
Health and Safety is integral to the performance of our business. Our priority is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and to those who may be affected by our contractual duties. This is achieved through the effective management of our health and safety management system. We ensure that all employees are provided with 
information, training and supervision to raise their awareness and duty of care.
Sustainability Policy
We are committed to minimising the environmental impacts related to all our activities, both now and for the future.
Paramount to this is the on-going communication between our customers, suppliers and site management to develop environmental solutions to comply with current and forthcoming legislation.
We proactively look for new initiatives to minimise the adverse effects on the environment such as reducing our carbon footprint, waste minimisation and recycling waste.
Quality Management
The Directors of Amentco commit themselves and all employees of the company to provide the highest quality of customer service and care, giving full recognition and adherence to any agreed specification, through its service provision. The Directors here ensure that suitable qualified personnel are trained and supported by an effective organisation with the resource to achieve high performance levels, thereby promoting the confidence of customers in the company.
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Electronic Security Technician, Sunshine Coast Queensland 

Amentco is a large regional electronic security and healthcare services company that has been formed through the amalgamation of a number of regional entities. We have a regional spread across the southeast, southwest, and sunshine coast areas of Qld  and have been experiencing sustained growth. 

Due to this continued growth, Amentco have an immediate position available for a Senior Technician at our Sunshine Coast location.

Amentco has specialists in each market sector that we provide support for, and offer the opportunity for all staff to develop into the technology sectors that challenge them and provide them with a sense of achievement. The work is diverse, and involves the commercial, industrial and government sectors in;
·        Access Control 
·        Security Systems
·        CCTV 
·        Nurse Call 
·        Intercom Systems 
·        Lone Worker and Duress
·        RTLS - Real Time Location Systems 

If you are experienced in service or installation in any of the above or a related field, then we would be pleased to hear from you

Note : We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage mature age applications to apply. It is a conditional of application that  any potential applicant must reside in, or be willing to relocate to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.