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Access Control Solutions

Modern intrusion and access control systems are as much about granting or preventing access as they are about the data that an organisation can retrieve on the inner workings of their business. Using access control, a business manager can determine who is on-site, how many people are on-site, facilitate emergency mustering during fire alarms, perform contact tracing reports and much more.

At Amentco we have delivered solutions ranging from domestic intrusion through to multi-site integrated access control and intrusion systems. Advancements in intrusion and access control technology mean that Amentco can deliver any of the following solutions to you and your home or business:

  • Bluetooth based access control
  • Phone app monitoring and system control
  • Card or pin based access control
  • License plate access control
  • Visitor management systems
  • Multi-site databases
  • Large scale intrusion systems
  • Remote accessibility
  • Perimeter detection
  • Time and attendance
  • And much more!


Whether you’re looking into solutions for mining, heavy industrial, commercial, retail or even your own home or small business, Amentco is dedicated to finding the right solution for you. With sales people and technical staff dedicated to assessing our customers needs and deploying the right solutions, you can be sure that Amentco is the right choice for you.


Amentco is proud to be a value added reseller of LenelS2 access control products

Additional Capability

Amentco is also able to deliver solutions based on the following systems;

  • Tecom Challenger including ChallengerPlus and TecomC4
  • Inner Range Integriti
  • Inner Range Inception
  • ICT Protege
  • DSX
  • Bosch
  • And many more!
Lenel BlueDiamond Access Control