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CCTV Solutions

Modern CCTV solutions are not only the first line of defence as a visual deterrent for would-be intruders, they are an extremely effective tool for reviewing occupational health and safety incidents, staff interactions, staff-client interactions and time and attendance.

Stand-alone applications

A stand-alone CCTV system installed on site can perform a wide variety of functions. Most think that CCTV is only used to identify and track intruders or identify internal theft but this is certainly no longer the case. With modern equipment Amentco can now deliver solutions that will enable any of the following applications:

  • License plate recognition – not just for who is on-site but for touchless access to gates or other vehicle access control points as well as identifying visitors and disabling unwanted vehicles.
  • Facial recognition – allow access to the right people first time, every time.
  • Line cross detection – is your traffic flowing the correct direction? Line cross detection can help you determine if your site rules are being followed.
  • Trip wire detection – do you need to be alerted when a courier driver enters your driveway? Then this may be the solution for you!
  • Object removal/object detection – would you like an alert when a package has been left outside your front door? Would you also like to be notified when that package is removed?

Integrated systems

In addition to the above stand-alone system, why not integrate your CCTV solution to an access control and intrusion system? By integrating the two systems a site can now log CCTV footage against alarm and access control events for enhanced interrogation along with creating a detailed audit trail to satisfy internal and external auditors or regulatory requirements. Amentco has tremendous experience in the deployment of integrated systems and can work with you and your business to deliver a solution that meets your specific needs. To view some of our CCTV and integrated solutions, read about our project case studies.


Whether you’re looking into solutions for mining, heavy industrial, commercial, retail or even your own home or small business, Amentco is dedicated to finding the right solution for you. With sales people and technical staff dedicated to assessing our customers needs and deploying the right solutions, you can be sure that Amentco is the right choice for you.

Remote access

A critical part to any modern CCTV or intercom system is the ability to access your system remotely from wherever you are at any given time. Here at Amentco, we are experienced in the delivery of several types of remote access capable solutions and are well placed to provide you solid advice on the right system for you and your business.


Amentco is proud to be an Avigilon CCTV partner and can deliver on any part of their portfolio.

Additional Capability

Amentco is also able to deliver CCTV solutions based on the following technologies;

  • Luxriot
  • Milestone
  • Dallmeier
  • NX Witness
  • Axis
  • HikVision
  • Dahua
  • UNV
  • And many more!